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How do you thank your donors?

This article appeared in the Nonprofit Quarterly. Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE is recognized internationally as an expert in fund development, board and organizational development, strategic planning, and management. She is the founder and director of Joyaux Associates. Visit her website here.

You know how important “thank you” is.

First there’s the official letter from the office. On letterhead. Specifying the donor name(s) and indicating the gift amount. Including the requisite IRS language. Typically signed by the CEO or the board chair.

This official gift acknowledgement letter goes out within 48 hours of gift receipt. Why 48 hours? Because by the time the gift got to you and your acknowledgement letter got back to the donor… at least five days have passed, more likely seven days. Now five to seven days is beginning to be a rather long time before the donor receives that thank-you.

Sure, the official gift acknowledgement is standardized in your computer. But you can personalize it a bit. And your signer can write a personal P.S.

But mostly, make sure it’s a really great thank-you letter. Make me, the donor, feel special. Tell me why my gift matters. Explain how my investment makes a difference. With all that, I’ll understand that I matter…me the donor. Then I’ll suspect that my future investments will matter, too. And I’ll keep on giving.

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