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Using Social Media Increases Fundraising by 40% [Study]

Adapted from an article by Anthony Sicola

More than 40% of Americans use Facebook. Twitter has over 16 million users. YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. It’s therefore likely that many of your non-profit’s supporters use at least one social network.

A study of whether the use of social networks had any impact on personal or peer-to-peer fundraising found significantly positive results. Here are recommendations based on those results.

  1. They found that participants who use social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube communicate with their networks more regularly and send more messages. This resulted in increased fundraising results by up to 40%. They recommend that organizations take advantage of the use of these networks.
  2. Twitter as a multiplier: Twitter users set higher fundraising goals and raised more money.
    In fact, Twitter users increased their personal fundraising goals by at least
    three times more and raised nearly 10 times more online than their peers who
    did not use Twitter.
  3. Supporters who achieve the strongest fundraising success combine multiple social media
    tools (along with email and in person connections) in their communication
    efforts. Overall, participants that adopted integrated social media tools increased their fundraising by as much as 40 percent compared to their peers who weren’t using the available online tools.
  4. Use tools to allow supporters to synch their Facebook account directly from their personal fundraising headquarters,and allow participants to link their Twitter account to their personal fundraising page.
  5. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video even more: A personal message directly from your participant about why your cause is so important to supporters will help
    them achieve their goals.
  6. ShareThis – While the three social tools mentioned above are the baseline, what happens when you want to give your participants access to other social networks like StumbleUpon®, Digg®, and Yahoo!®? The easiest way is to add the ShareThis button to your participant’s personal fundraising page, that way they can share their passion for your organization with anyone, anywhere they have an account.

What is your experience using online tools to increase support for your organization?

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