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The World’s Best Non-Profit Blogs

(from Schaefer Marketing Solutions)

Blogs and social media are critical communication tools for non-profits. In fact, according to research by the University of Massachusetts, a higher a higher percentage of non-profits have active blogs than any other category. Blogs are a great way for non-profits to tell the stories of the people and communities they serve.

Mark Schaefer joined with Helen Brown, founder and president of The Helen Brown Group, and took on the challenge of reviewing more than 250 blogs from some of the largest charities. Similar to Mark’s experience compiling The Best Company Blogs in the World, they found that many non-profit blogs weren’t that good.

However they did find some good ones, and you can read more here about blogs that engaged an audience, offered superb content, and aligned with the organization’s strategies.

Here are two on the list:

Feeding America

This is simply one of the best blogs you will find anywhere, profit or non-profit.  It has it all:

  • Superior content
  • Non-intrusive yet effective calls to action
  • Good use of multi-media such as photography and video
  • Superb use of story-telling to align with objectives
  • Attractive and functional design
  • Convenient social sharing
  • Features that involve key stakeholders

This blog is a role model for any organization.

Holland Bloorview Childrens Rehabilitation Hospital

This blog brought tears to my eyes. If you’re a parent, it will probably have the same affect on you.

Bloom is about parenting special needs kids.  It isn’t fancy.  In fact it’s just on Blogger.  But what it lacks in sophistication it more than makes up in courage and heart. Writer Louise Kinross has something unique and personal going on here. She has nurtured an active, loyal community and with good reason … this is blogging at its best.

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