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Nearly One in Five Americans Report Inability to Afford Enough Food

Nearly one in five Americans struggled to afford enough food for themselves and their families in 2010, according to a new report released today by the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC).

The data in FRAC’s report shows that food hardship – running out of money to buy the food that families need – is a substantial challenge in every corner of the country, according to Jim Weill, FRAC President. “While the nation’s Great Recession may have technically ended in mid-2009, it has not yet ended for many of the nation’s households. For them, 2010 was the third year of a terrible recession that is widely damaging the ability to meet basic needs.”

In its report FRAC noted that in 2010 the government’s “U-6” index – which reflects a combination of traditional unemployment, involuntary part-time workers, and discouraged workers – was generally comparable to that in 2009 and much higher than in 2008.  In late 2010 the rate was higher than earlier in the year – hovering around 17 percent. The findings explain why food hardship rates are so high and are receding so slowly.

FRAC’s call to action includes strengthening “programs that benefit those who are trying to make ends meet.” Weil notes, “We have the resources, even in these difficult times, to eliminate hunger in this country.”

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